Ivana Basnight, Your Local Senior Real Estate Specialist

Our Golden Years bring many opportunities

We may find that retirement, our health, location of children and grandchildren, size and age of our home, ability to live alone, bring into sharp focus a need to change how we lead our lives, and especially where we live. 

Sometimes there is a struggle to decide on the best course of action, for you and your family.  This is where an independent and experienced Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) like Ivana Basnight can support you. She can help you make the best decisions for you, so that you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and most importantly make a smooth transition to that life.

A decision to move in your senior years can be difficult. That’s where the importance of getting help and impartial advice from an SRES comes in. As a realtor since 1979 and with decades of experience as an SRES, she is trusted and recognized by clients. She is known for her expertise and knowledge of local services ranging from medical to estate management and for her deep understanding of the real estate marketplace in Hampton Roads.  As an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), Ivana is known for helping homeowners sell their homes quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to making a smooth transition to your next home ...

Ivana will support you through the many decisions you need to make. She will help you define the best fit for your needs and finances including buying a smaller property in one of the many beautiful waterfront neighborhoods, moving into an apartment in a beachfront retirement community for inspired living, or relocating to assisted living.

Ivana’s unique consultative approach when working with clients guides you through a step by step process which considers every aspect of decision making to realize your retirement ambitions. She recognizes, from personal experience, how emotionally charged and complicated moving house can be. Ivana’s comprehensive approach simplifies the entire buying and selling process using practical and straightforward tools. She asks seniors and their families to consider three key areas before embarking on a house move:

  • Why Move?
  • Where To Move?
  • How To Move?

Work with Ivana for a smooth transition 

As well as offering straightforward guidance, Ivana’s expertise and her useful network of specialists, which include professionals in property maintenance, staging, estate clearance, removals, legal and financial management, enable a smooth transition to your new home.

To start taking control of your next move call Ivana Basnight on her cell: 757-403-7676.