Working with Ivana Basnight 

Peggy and Dennis Moynihan, New Jersey, Seller Trustees
"We highly recommend our Realtor, Ivana Basnight, as she was/is a competent, caring and thoroughly attentive-to-one's-concerns "person" in the sale of my brother's home.  As trustee and living in another state, I could not travel to Virginia when needs arose.  We called Ivana for everything - having a carpet cleaned, repair of mail box, checking the house after workers were there, being present at different inspections, etc.  She was there for us and she did it willingly and even took care of being sure all work was done properly and perfectly.  We had total confidence in her suggestions and always knew that she had our best interests at heart, meeting our (the Seller's) needs in our place.  And - she sold the house in seven days!  THANK YOU, IVANA"

Christine Webb and Amy Sandoval, Seller Trustees
"Ivana, Thank you for making the sale of our parents' home a reality.  We are so indebted to you for your expertise, time and talents."

Troy and Deb Brown, Buyer and Seller
"Ivana has done more than help us buy our home, she also helped 3 of our sons buy their homes!  When one of our sons needed to sell and move, she staged it perfectly and even used some of her own items as accents.  We had an offer on our son's house within a month of listing, and ended up selling above the asking price!  Ivana is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of the market.  She has provided great insight and advice, and is a pleasure to work with.  She has our strongest recommendation!"

Alan Meilinger, Seller
"Ivana did a remarkable job in marketing my home and continued to amaze me with her professional services and superb negotiating skills.  Ivana certainly illustrated she was always there to go the extra mile in providing complete service to me."

Carolyn and Fernando Brennan, Buyer
"Ivana had an intuitive way of anticipating and planning for any event.  We were always at ease as she simplified the process and could easily address the unexpected.  Thank you for always returning phone calls and emails with lightning speed!"

Bob Bryan, Seller
"If I weren't already married to a wonderful wife I would have fallen in love with Ivana.  She handled every step from cleaning up, fixing up and staging our home to the ultimate sale!"

Betty, Seller
"As an "out-of-state" stressed seller anything could have happened.  My life was in transition but I knew you would carry me through. . . short sale, former spouse, and a new job.  Thanks for being my miracle worker."

Gil Erb, Seller
"Ivana is someone who knows the value of hard work, knows the value of loyalty and knows the value of a dollar. She's a terrific negotiator. I have already recommended her to my friends."

Barbara & David Tuttle, Seller
"It was a pleasure to work with Ivana. She was effective, sincere and has superior knowledge.  Ivana still finds joy in what she does. We think that is the ultimate form of success."

A Family Estate, Seller
"Ivana was so helpful when it became necessary to move. Her assistance was invaluable. She handled all the details."

Roger D. Hunt, Owner Hunt's Landscaping Co.
I want to acknowledge you Ivana: I think that you are the best real estate agent there is...because you actually care to make it a Win-Win-Win scenario!...and this to me is important because when I refer you, I always referred you because I knew you could sell...I never knew the reason why and now I get it.  You care and you are a professional. I praise you sincerely and honestly...I have been watching you all these years and have dealt with a few other agents recently and there is just no comparison. I am honored to be your friend and proud to refer you to others.

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