Steps For Transition Once You've Decided to Move

Now that you've made the decision to move 

Having made the decision to move, thoughts of selling, buying, renting or entering into a continuing care contract, can be overwhelming.  Thinking about the multitude of tasks for a smooth transition can be daunting. Your Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) provides a professional “one-stop-shop” that starts now, and will only finish after you have settled into your new home.  

Ivana Basnight is a well-known and valued local SRES, with a comprehensive network of professionals to advise and help you move successfully.  She can refer you to Financial Advisers, Certified Accountants, and Lawyers, she can introduce you to trusted companies that specialize in property maintenance, cleaning, estate sales, and house clearance. Before you move she will recommend removal companies that are affiliated to the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  Her goal is to ensure a smooth transition from where you are now to you dream senior home.

Six steps of selling your home 

Selling your home is complicated made more difficult if you are limited physically and restricted financially. With Ivana by your side, selling your home will be more straightforward as she leads you through six essential stages:

  • Pricing considerations
  • Staging your home
  • Showing your home
  • Negotiating the sale and closing
  • Sorting and clearing
  • Packing and moving

Ivana, your Senior Real Estate Specialist, will guide you through each stage 

Pricing considerations

One of the first things that potential buyers will notice is the price! Ivana has a reputation for setting the right price for her clients’ homes.  By assessing your property, its condition, the location, and by taking into consideration your unique financial situation She will recommend a realistic but competitive selling price to ensure it meets your future needs.

Staging your home

Before you put up the ‘For Sale’ sign, presenting your home in its best light, giving it a new shine and ‘curb appeal’ is essential.  Ivana is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), and can provide you with expert advice on how to prepare your house for selling.  Tasks such as: light landscaping (weeding, trimming, mowing); hiring a cleaning service to clean attics and basements; repairing leaky faucets and sticking doors and windows; and rearranging rooms and placing valuable items somewhere safe are inevitable but necessary.

Showing Your Home

As an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), Ivana will have your home looking its best before showings begin.  There are two types of showings:

Open House – when your home is open for a few hours for Realtors and potential buyers to sign a register, provided by your SRES, before viewing your home.

Individual Showings - occur when an agent makes an appointment through your SRES to show a prospective buyer around your home.  You do not have to be involved in individual showings and it is probably helpful if the Realtor or your SRES conducts the viewing at a time and date when you have arranged to be out of the home.  An individual showing is a great opportunity to get one of the many downsizing tasks completed, such as taking items to the local thrift store, or checking the location of a potential future home. 

Negotiating the Sale and Closing

This stage of the selling process can be as thrilling as it is unnerving. Ivana will advise you in person, by phone, or by video on whether a fair offer has been made. Based on market conditions and your needs, she will provide impartial advice about the offer and recommend whether or not it should be accepted or declined.  Ivana is a trained negotiator and in line with your wishes will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best sale price for you.

Packing and Moving

This is the phase of your smooth transition that requires time, patience, and emotional support.  Your SRES will provide you and your family with checklists, prompts, and contacts of useful professionals and associations such as auction houses and estate clearance organizations that can remove some of the burden.

It can take longer than you think to sort through your belongings, and you may need help from family and friends, so the sooner you start the better.  Your SRES, Ivana recommends that clients use her checklists to go through their home room-by-room, shelf-by-shelf, and drawer-by-drawer. By following her advice you will gradually, one step at a time, sort through and start packing everything you want to take with you to your new home. Even if moving to your retirement home is a year or two away, Ivana recommends that you start cataloging heirlooms that will go to your family, and collecting mementos in a ‘trunk of treasures’ or ‘memory box’ for your new home.  You might also want to arrange a few trips to the consignment or thrift stores and get your Grandchildren to run a yard sale for you during a summer vacation!  The possibilities of small activities like this will get this large task done!

For advice on streamlining and downsizing into your future home, contact Ivana Basnight on her cell:  (757) 403-7676 for your smooth transition to fulfilling retirement!